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Pixel Plant was launched in Athens in 1989 (initial name DFD). For more than 25 years, Pixel Plant specialises in the fields of Contemporary Marketing. We have been nominated 4 international prizes and we have succesfully worked with many multinational companies. 

Pixel Plant moved to Sofia, Bulgaria in 2012.

Today we can proudly present a series of clients and projects that were successfully accomplished during the last four years.


Bulding Customer Equity

In Pixel Plant we are building Customer Equity on behalf of our Clients. We believe that keeping the Customer satisfied is the key to success. In a business environment which becomes more and more demanding, no one can afford to lose clients.

Keeping the customers satisfied is our cornerstone to all the projects we propose to our clients.

Companies are typically faced with focusing on short-term versus long-term sales and profit growth and emphasizing new customers versus existing customers. Too often, short-term considerations and new customer acquisitions take precedence over long-term performance and current customers. The concept of customer equity can help firms achieve a better balance in these areas.

Customer equity is the financial value of a firm’s customer relationships. It consists of profits from first-time customers plus expected profits from future sales to these and other customers. 

Building customer equity integrates short-term and long-term orientations and addresses both new and existing customers. Short-term sales and profit growth comes from acquiring profitable new customers and expanding relationships with current customers. Long-term sales and profit growth is addressed by retaining new and existing customers longer and selling more profitable products at lower marketing expense to both groups. Customer equity is consistent with the marketing concept because it focuses on the customer and emphasizes integrated company efforts to achieve long-term success. 


In Pixel Plant our Services are always dynamic and contemporary, focusing on the needs and evolutions of the Market!

We are always monitoring the Market and we act accordinlgly! We always enrich our services so that we can always meet the needs of the Markets and Consumers. In such a way, our clients always know that they get the best possible services. 

Recently we launched Drone video productions with great success. Drone videos are appealing to almost all Target Groups and, thus, trhe content we create for the Social Media of our Clients will become even more appealing, dynamic and convincing!

The first video was shot on Thassos island for a hotel. According to the Marketing Strategy the video should promote the island as well. Our team of experts visited the island and shot this video in just 4 days.

At the same time they also got amazing pictures of the island that will be used for the printed material, website and other projects of the Client.